ceecoach bluetooth hippisch instructiesysteemOnce bought a very expensive equestrian instruction system for my daughter who has been riding dressage for years.
And then such an expensive system breaks after a few weeks, then months back and forth to have that thing repaired.
Then I thought, I can do this much better.
With my experience in electronics and equestrian sports, there had to be a system that worked well and was affordable.
We initially started selling senrun and sennheiser instruction systems, which are fun and good systems for that time.
We are now about 15 years further and the technology is not standing still, in the meantime we sell and provide service on the equiteacher systems and now also the equestrian instruction systems of ceecoach, all products that are affordable and work perfectly.
All products are regularly tested in practice by my daughter who is very active in dressage.
And of course where necessary we make the necessary modifications to improve the systems or make them more user-friendly.

You can always send questions or comments via email jackdebooij@cee-coach.nl or by calling 06 5388 5390

own repair shop for instruction systems