CEECOACH instruction system with talk-back function

CEECOACH is the ideal tool for rider coaching. Thanks to its reliable Bluetooth connection, excellent voice quality and intuitive operation, instructors can communicate better with their students - and give them instant instructions in both one-on-one and group lessons. In addition to conserving the coach's voice, it helps to calm down students when preparing for a competition, as other people cannot hear the commands.

That is why CEECOACH paves the way for more efficient lessons and lasting coaching success. The system is flexible, simple and completely independent of smartphones and mobile networks.

State-of-the-art Bluetooth technology allows 2 to 6 users to talk to each other over a distance of up to 500 meters, which means a permanent improvement in coaching success. There is no need for smartphones or mobile networks. All functions of the device can be controlled with just 3 buttons and the wavy design means that CEECOACH can be operated even with gloves and without looking at the device.

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ceecoach instruction set with talk-back function

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CEECOACH instruction set with talk-back function and storage case

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CEECOACH losse unit

CEECOACH storage case

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